Welcome to my site.


I'm a full-time artist living and working in the New Forest.





Artist's Statement

My work is about surface and time, accompanied by an interaction with forces natural and man-made. The semi-abstract images have evolved out of an emotional involvement with surface qualities and colour, inspired initially by the rock formations of Portland, Dorset. read more

Hillview Studio



My studio affords me inspirational views of the forest. I walk the wide open spaces with pathways leading over and across, every which way… Dramatic skies, constant cloud movement. Trees are lone sentinels reaching for the sky; beneath them grows a carpet of bracken and vast expanses of lush heather with proud gorse. Peering through the density of tree trunks to a backdrop of bright blue I notice the contrast of light on a carpet of leaves. I use my camera and sketchbook with minimal media to capture these scenes. read more