The Extreme Project


The 'Extreme' open exhibition, Study Gallery, Poole, provided a unique opportunity for personal challenge and collaboration with two other Ringwood artists (Sheila Goodman and Judith Warbey).

Our focus was three local allotment sites; these underpinned our work and shaped our responses. The development of ideas and the body of work which was to follow were characterised by 'Breaking New Ground'. From the onset we deliberately kept all our options open. The experience of collaboration, regular discussion and interaction underpinned and shaped our ideas, leading to a shared integrated journey and installation.

My personal series of work related directly to 'Above Ground'.

With views from above I aimed to 'feel the space':



Then 'disturb the surface'. This involved an extreme departure from previous methods of direct texture application. The mdf surface was scored and dug out, colour was applied in numerous layers with rollers and lifted with tile scrapers. The whole process was totally devoid of brush technique.

Gradually free and open enjoyment of the processes and the surface qualities created, led to fresh outcomes for me.

To this day the new doors that were opened still remain at the heart of my work.