This gallery explores a broad coastline, a result of living close to so many stunning regions.

The Jurassic coast, where nature has worked over many millennia to give us strata that lie near vertical in areas.

Hengistbury Head another timeless place; we can enjoy its windswept vista and views across Christchurch harbour. Layers and levels of wide ranging colours, an artist's delight.

Beneath your feet of the Solent shoreline are densely occupied molluscs- washed up, built up, worn away. The round format evolved out of these responses, enabling them to travel round and go on forever.

Portland, a coast carved by sea and storm. From different viewpoints and in constantly changing light the spectacular panoramas are always fresh.

I aim to capture a slice of time, the worn weathered nature of the environment through endless layers - a cross section that portrays the essence of the place.