Cultural Journeys


A visit to Malawi in 2001 proved a turning point in my life and marked a fulltime commitment to my career as an artist.

Observing close hand the numerous tracks led to many hours of experimentation with mark making and ultimately to a series of work entitled 'marks of time'.

Since then travel has proven a major stimulus for my work.

The Philippines enabled me to study 2000 year old rice terraces from numerous perspectives and capture the drama of it all. The integration of handmade paper (gathered in Japan) featured heavily in this body of work and continues to do so.

Goa with its jewel like colours helped me to explore varying techniques on mill board, scratching through with a knitting needle revealed the arch ways and pinnacles.

I jump to 2009 - a visit to Slovenia was memorable, my sketchbook was filled with mountain ranges and valleys topped up with photographs taken while up in a glider.