My aim is to adopt a painterly approach to my glass techniques, whether working with Bulleye glass and the careful juxtaposition and layering of the colours or working with Float glass and the free experimentation with a wide range of inclusions.

A lot of trialling and testing has taken place with float glass prior to the creation of actual pieces. The fundamental technique is the creation of a sandwich, where different inclusions are placed between 2 sheets of clear glass. What appears beneath the surface during the 'hands on' stages can change dramatically during the kiln firing phases (fusing).

Copper/gold/silver leaf may show up only as a shadow of its former self. However torn areas into which enamels have been introduced can produce fascinating effects. Copper foil/mesh can change totally in colour, anywhere from maroon to black; a similar state exists with wires.

Even working with frits (powdered and granular glass) the colour that you see is not necessarily the colour that you will end up with.

Hence the creative process can be quite a blind one, the mind/eye must be receptive to constant surprises (& disappointments!) Within the fusing process control is very limited.

Placing segments of glass in amongst the inclusions can cause bold reactions, the air created by these shapes can create glorious curved and angular imagery and surfaces.

The use of Bullseye has enabled me to create panels of vibrant colours, layering the glass and creating scenes which incorporate stringers and the varying grades of frit.

Having created your fused piece wherein it appears alive with floating images, it is possible to alter the flat shape by refiring the work in conjunction with a mould . A curved form is the result of using a single or double curve, while dishes go across a square, circular or rectangular mould.

Current Work
I have started to work on totemic structures, 120 cms. in height, made up of two glass panels supported by a steel frame. These can be viewed either in the outdoor environment or in a conservatory. Watch this space!!