Artist's Statement

Hillview Studio, by AltoBasso Photography

My work is about surface and time, accompanied by an interaction with forces natural and man-made. The semi-abstract images have evolved out of an emotional involvement with surface qualities and colour, inspired initially by the rock formations of Portland, Dorset.

A hut at Windy Ridge, Portland has provided constant access to a region rich in stimuli. Views take in the sweep of Chesil Beach and cross-sectional cliff faces. Ancient, weathered and exposed, the rocky coastline confronts the elements. While the Jurassic coast, a stunningly beautiful area with its spectacular and distinctive shapes, picturesque bays and fascinating earth movements, has taken 2- and 3- dimensional work into new areas.

Moving to the New Forest in 2006 has broadened my horizons further. The vast expanses of lush heather, wide open spaces, dense forestation, incredible contrasts of light and shade accompanied by glorious colours, all aspects have affected my work.

Using a sketchbook and camera I gather a wealth of visual material, accompanied by an intense feeling for my surroundings. Back in the studio I explore marks on a variety of surfaces and then experiment with multi-layering techniques wherein colours submerge and emerge across the picture plane. My passion is surface and colour; my main 2-dimensional medium is oil with the incorporation of mixed media, through these I aim to evoke a sense of time and place.

Hillview Studio, by AltoBasso Photography

Developing concurrently has been a collection of hand-built earthenware pottery. Evolving out of organic forms different surface finishes have been achieved through burnishing, wax resist, slip, stencils and glazes.

Working with glass [fusing and slumping] is a fairly new venture for me, I aim to respond in a painterly manner working in conjunction with a wide range of different inclusions.

My overall body of work is unified by its exploration of surface qualities. The intention is to engage and challenge the viewer, to enable them to respond and reach their own visual conclusion.