Hillview Studio



Hillview Studio, by AltoBasso Photography

My studio affords me inspirational views of the forest. I walk the wide open spaces with pathways leading over and across, every which way… Dramatic skies, constant cloud movement. Trees are lone sentinels reaching for the sky; beneath them grows a carpet of bracken and vast expanses of lush heather with proud gorse.

Peering through the density of tree trunks to a backdrop of bright blue I notice the contrast of light on a carpet of leaves. I use my camera and sketchbook with minimal media to capture these scenes.

Back in the studio, having gathered a wealth of visual material I begin to explore marks on a variety of surfaces. Time is spent with underpainting and then I return to my multi-layering processes.

My passion is surface and colour and for me oil as a paint medium brings the surface to life. The more you look at a painting and its development the more you see!

Hillview Studio, by Angela PerrettHillview Studio exterior, by Angela Perrett

Sketchbook imagery provides the stimulus for my painterly approach with glass. Careful selection from a wide range of inclusions enables the surfaces to come to life with light.

The working environment enables me to explore paint/mixed media; glass and clay on an ongoing basis, the kilns being housed separately in a smaller studio.

Walls and work surfaces are able to regularly show exhibitions of my work..